• Synth DX747 Android app by rockrelay

    MIDI Controlled ZERO latency synthesizer.

    Android Synth DX747 rockrelay
  • Synth TB-303

    MIDI controlled zero latency synthesizer for android.

    Android app synthesizer TB-303
  • Synth DX7 Piano Android app by rockrelay

    Zero Latency

    android synthesizer Yamaha DX7 MIDI controlled zero latency
  • EDM Music Maker Android app by rockrelay

    android music maker studio app
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Cutting edge technologies

Rockrelay apps are developed on low level programming and are designed to be used with MIDI OTG keyboards. The low latency audio engines run natively on the Android device.

Powerfull DSP

  • Zero latency audio playback

  • MIDI Control via USB OTG keyboard

  • Real Virtual Synthsizer

  • Full system exclusive implementation

  • Save and load functions

Android Music Apps

  • Synth DX747
  • Synth DX7 Piano
  • Synth TB-303
  • EDM Music Maker for Android

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Rockrelay apps on YOUTUBE

Synth DX 787

Synth TB-303

EDM Music Maker

Synth DX7 Piano